Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hanging With the Crazies

Well, we got 4 tickets to go to a Duke game (the first for Julie and me). It was awesome! (Thanks Uncle Pete!) It was Duke vs. San Jose State. Duke won 70 to 51. OK, now I will tell you how I was hanging with the Cameron Crazies...

It's December 31, 2006. The Duke game is at 1:00 pm and we went at 11:30 am. That is when the gates opened. We got there and there were about 20 Duke students on line. One of them was Mom's former kindergarten student. Mom had us take a picture with her. When we did, the students behind us started going crazy because I had "Duke" shaved into the back of my head. Some said I was their hero. Others said I was their favorite person. We took a bunch of pictures of them and me...well, the back of my head.

Then, a different girl went up to Mom and asked where she used to teach in Durham. When Mom told her, the girl said Mom was her kindergarten teacher!

Then, it was time to go in. That is how I was hanging with the Crazies!



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