Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blue at 9 Months

Here is a great picture of Blue...taken moments before I let her inside and she put her front paws up on the kitchen counter in a bid to snatch the salad I had just made for lunch. (Hey, it had three kinds of mushrooms in it, courtesy of Trader Joe's, so I wasn't sharing!) These two images pretty much sum up where Blue is as she hits nine months old. Beautiful...and bad!

The beautiful part is readily apparent, so here are a couple of stories about the "other side."

The Christmas tree capers. For some reason, Desi decided that this would be the year that we get a second Christmas tree, a BIG one for the back patio. Now, I can tell you that Blue enjoyed the tree very much! By the time we took it down this past weekend, it had been...shall we say...aggressively pruned...Not to mention the lights and UL-tested cables (unplugged, of course!).

Digging holes to China. One of our main tasks this spring will be to fill in all of the holes that Blue has been working on, in various gardens, flower beds, and play areas. The real horror of these holes, it turns out, is that they fill up with water whenever it rains. (Basically every other day, lately...) Now, imagine Blue at the back door, wanting to come in...looking at you with a nose that is half brown from the mud hole she just stuck her head in!

OK...I know, I know...this is all pretty standard puppy stuff. Cameron, in his day, consumed a couch and a dining room table. But it is amazing how quickly you forget about that stuff. Yes, Blue is bad...and beautiful!



At 6:31 PM, Blogger Donna said...

Hi Desi and Steve, Ok, here's a tip for the holes, I'm not sure why it works but it did with Scooby. My cousin who has a yellow lab gave me this tip (Scooby is golgen and black lab and oh what a digger he was) Before you fill each hole scoop up a some poop, (and I'm guessing with two dogs there's alot) and bury it in the hole. We did his for about a week and a half and Scooby stopped. Now if we could just get him from stealing food off the table and counters it would be great. Oh and for future reference, should you need it, a large dog can safely eat a complete 9oz bag of Hershey kisses, with wrappers. After calling the ER vet at 3am, I found out a large dog (75lbs) would have to eat about 50 ounces before it would be deadly. And please enviornmentalist don't yell at me, I know you shouldn't bury the dog poo.

At 8:27 AM, Blogger The Balla Family said...

Hah! So I went online, and wouldn't you know, the "bury the poo" strategy turns out to be a common approach to solving the "digging-est dog" problem. Who knew?

Now, let's see if Desi will go for it...



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