Monday, August 28, 2006

Mo's Gotta Go

It's kind of fun to have a son with an edge. As the resident hair magician, I enjoy providing Z with hair styles that win many a public comment. But when school starts, everything changes. After all, what would the teachers say? What's fine for summer is not fine for the school year. (Tone is everything!)

While I would definitely opt for a trip to Cartoon Cuts for my favorite style, the "mushroom" (kind of the kid's version of Christian Laettner's hair in the early 90's), Z won't hear of it. "Shave it to the scalp, Mom," is what I hear, so... in an effort to preserve his individuality, I accommodate by whisking away all of his hair "down to the scalp."

Of course I look forward to a few weeks from now when his thick hair, hair that any man over 30 would give his right arm for, grows back in. While I may be able to convince him to "keep it 'long'" for a few days, I know what I'm in for. The days of the "mushroom" are long gone. Mohawks in the summer, bald like Daddy the rest of the year.

"Julie, bring out your bows...Mommy's in need of a hair fix!"


We Are Dog People

Ever since Blue arrived on the scene, we have found ourselves saying and doing things that are new to us. Like, "Julie and Z, when we get home, run in and let the dogs out." The dogs! On the action side of things, we organize more of our days around Cameron and his ever-growing, yet still little niece. The bulk of the reorganizations are small--make sure there are enough rawhides to go around, bring Cameron and Blue along when we go check on Julie and Z's class lists, those sorts of things.

More than anything, it is a change in feeling. We are dog people now! It's like when you have a second kid. You are no longer "Julie's mom and dad". You have become "The Ballas"!

There were (and probably still are!) doubters out there when we took the plunge that day in Greensboro. Even in our own home, Desi wasn't sure how she would adjust to having two Goldens (even though she has wanted two for years). Just the other day, though, she emphasized just how much she was truly enjoying the whole experience.

The fact that Cameron and Blue are really getting along well now is certainly helping things. Cameron has emerged from the little funk he seemed to be in the first couple of days or weeks. He is getting more and more aggressive (in a good way) in his play time with Blue. Overall, his comfort level appears to be right where it was before we hit the road for the cross-country trip. And, for her part, Blue has been just perfect--a little devilish at times (it's in her name, after all), but very loving with all of us (including C-boy).

Now, how crazy do you think we would be if we decided to try another big road trip next year, this time with "the dogs" aboard? We are dog people now!