Friday, August 18, 2006

The Fun Begins!

So we were tossing the pigskin around the yard the other night, playing keep away from Z (his choice!). Then happened!!!

Here's how it went. Blue was tearing around the yard like an absolute nut, running around in circles. Cameron, who's been an observer all week, decided he wanted in on the action and began to chase after her. As soon as Cameron got near, Blue dropped her head and rolled her body onto the ground. Or, alternatively, she leaped up right at Cameron's face.

No matter what, Blue always ended up underneath a standing and relunctantly dominant Cameron. Then...stalemate...nothing was happening. Blue was frozen in an alpha roll and Cameron (the original mannequin dog) was sniffing and staring into space.

But...wait! It's wasn't over! Blue jumped up, nipped at Cameron, and then ran away as fast as she could. The game then repeated itself about 15 times, much to the delight of the four of us. This was what we had been waiting for for such a long time! Hopefully, it was the first of many.

How did it all end? With tails wagging, Blue and Cameron took turns drinking out of the outside water bowl, and then...plop! They collapsed on the patio together. Sweet dreams!

~Steve and Desi

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The View From Cameron

Awww, man! What were they thinking, bringing this annoying little pest into my house? (They are usually so reliable and exhibit such good judgment.) Things were stable, to say the least. I could "woudge" all day and all night long. (They would just play that ridiculous "hide the hand" game once in a while, but I...shhh...secretly enjoy it!)

Now, though, she steals my bones, and even tries to eat my food! Thank goodness they put her in that crate at night!

I can't wait until her vacation ends and she goes back to her regular house!


Blue's Views

There's this big dog at my new house. I'm really excited about having a brother-uncle (bruncle?) to play with! There's only one problem...he wants absolutely nothing to do with me! How can that be? I'm soooo cute!

But I'm being cool about it. I nip at him once in a while. When he shows no interest (which is usually the case, although I can tell he is a wee bit curious), then I go about my business. It's all part of my plan...

...I'm going to break him down!